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Backup and Recovery


You can back up and recover JSA configuration information and data.

You can use the backup and recovery feature to back up your event and flow data; however, you must restore event and flow data manually. For more information, see Restoring Data.

By default, JSA creates a backup archive of your configuration information daily at midnight. The backup archive includes configuration information, data, or both from the previous day.

You can use two types of backups: configuration backups and data backups.

Configuration backups include the following components:

  • Application configuration

  • Assets

  • Certificates

  • Custom logos

  • Custom rules

  • Device Support Modules (DSMs)

  • Event categories

  • Flow sources

  • Flow and event searches

  • Groups

  • Index management information

  • License key information

  • Log sources

  • Offenses

  • Reference set elements

  • Store and Forward schedules

  • User and user roles information

  • Vulnerability data (if JSA Vulnerability Manager is installed)

Data backups include the following information:

  • Audit log information

  • Event data

  • Flow data

  • Report data

  • Indexes

The data backup does not included application data. To configure and manage backups for application data, see Backing Up and Restoring App Data.