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Network Reports


Understanding Network Reports

The Network Reports feature enables you to display Web reports associated with the Live Network.

How to Prepare the Data

There are two ways to make this report available:

  • Run the Scheduling Live Network Collection task with the Configuration option selected in the Collection Options window. Then save the network reports in IP/MPLSView by selecting File > Export to Web while in the Live Network.

  • Run the Web Report task periodically with the Use Live Network and General Reports options selected in the New Task (Step 2 of 3) - Web Report window.

Displaying Network Reports

To display network reports:

  1. Select Configuration > Network Reports.
  2. Expand the menu items in the Web Reports pane to list the individual reports. Click the report name to display the report.

    For example, in the Web Reports pane, expand Customized Reports and select Network Summary.

    The Network Summary Report window is displayed. Figure 1 shows the Network Summary Report window.

    Figure 1: Network Summary Report
    Network Summary Report
  3. The following options are available:
    • Select the Download icon to export the report as a CSV or text file.

    • Select the Settings icon to control the number of items displayed per page.

    • Expand Advanced Options to perform a more specific search. For example, search by hostname or IP address.