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View Live Tunnel Events and Revisions


Tunnel Events

Right-click a node and select View Live>Tunnel Events to view changes in the status (up or down) of the tunnel and recorded route over time. Select from a list of tunnels originating at the selected node on the left pane to view the tunnel events in the right pane. Figure 97:

Figure 1: Tunnel Event Viewer
Tunnel Event Viewer

Tunnel Path Revisions

To view changes to tunnel paths over time, first schedule a “Scheduling Live Network Collection” task collecting tunnel paths at a regular time interval.

Once the tunnel path information has been collected, right-click a router on the standard map and select View Live>Tunnel Path Revisions to retrieve the tunnel path revisions. From the list of routers, select the tunnel originating from that router for which you would like to view the tunnel revisions.

Alternatively, select Network > Elements > Tunnels, right-click on a tunnel, and select Tunnel Path Revisions.

Figure 2: Tunnel Path Revisions
Tunnel Path Revisions

The Recorded Route can be viewed graphically by selecting a revision and clicking the Show Path button. To automate the display on the map when stepping through each of the revisions, click the Animate button. To reload the revision data, click the Reload button and specify to collect the revision information for all days, the last 7 days, or starting from a certain day.