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User CLI Collection Task


To schedule CLI collection from the Task Manager, go to Admin > Task Manager and click the New Task button. Select the User CLI Collection task.

Figure 1: User CLI Collection Task
User CLI Collection Task
  1. Under Collection Directory, select the directory in which to save the show command output.

    If checking “Create time stamp subdirectory”, then a subdirectory will be created in this collection directory, indicating the time, for example, a directory named

  2. Check “Remove data older than ___ days” if you wish to remove old data. The default is 30 days.

  3. Under Device Commands, indicate the command that will prevent pausing the output between screens. For example, indicate “terminal length 0” if collecting for Cisco devices or “set cli screen-length 0” if collecting for Juniper devices. Following this, indicate the show commands to be run.

    Note that only one vendor can be collected at a time, if the commands needed for the vendors are different.

  4. Under Select the router(s) to be collected, indicate the routers to be collected, choosing routers of the right hardware type, which can support the provided commands. The routers can be selected from a given router profile, or selected from the Master Profile, which contains the last used credentials of previously collected devices.

  5. Click Next to enter in the scheduling parameters, and then click Finish to submit the task.

  6. After the task is completed, browse in the File Manager to the Collection Directory (/u/wandl/data/UserCLI/<date> by default) to find one text file per collected router, with the show commands and their output.