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Editing Show Commands for Data Collection


In the Router Profile Type drop-down box, the hardware type that is selected will influence the show commands issued and collected by IP/MPLSView on that router. The commands issued by IP/MPLSView can be found in: $WANDL_HOME/db/command (usually /u/wandl/db/command). For example, the following are the default commands for collecting configuration files:


Config File Command


admin display-config


show running


show running


show config


show running


display current-config


show config|display inheritance|no-more

show ted database extensive|no-more


show running-config

These commands are located in the file called <hardware> config (for example, juniper.config).

If your hardware type is not listed here, or if you have, for example, a Cisco device that uses a different show command than the defaults listed above, you can set the Type field to “New” when adding a new router profile entry. Then, in the server, go to /u/wandl/db/command and edit the file new.config to include the appropriate show command.

The same applies for collected interface and tunnel path information. These commands are located in the command directory under <hardware>.interface and <hardware> .tunnel_path, respectively.

In some cases the privileges for these commands are restricted and may need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, for cisco, in some cases show running-config will not be available but show config will be available. For Alcatel, sometimes environment no-more will not be available but admin display-config will be available. Check the /u/wandl/db/command files for additional commands which might be restricted.