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Creating Users


User Account

After creating a user group and assigning privileges to the user group, individual user accounts should be added on the Users tab using the green add button, and assigned to their respective user group. For full access accounts, an active Unix account with an associated password should be assigned. If the Unix account has not yet been created, it needs to be created before the account can be used, for example, by logging in as root to the IP/MPLSView server machine and using the “useradd” command in a telnet window. For web user accounts, a password can be entered in directly through the User Administration window. The assignment of users to groups can also be rearranged from the User Groups tab via drag-and-drop.

Figure 1: Creating Individual User Accounts
Creating Individual User Accounts

External LDAP Relationship

IP/MPLSView Security Management typically relies on Unix accounts defined in the /etc/passwd file for Java client users. However it can also be used in a different environment where the credentials are managed by an external LDAP system. This remote account management is completely transparent and does not require any change in the software.

The requirements for using an external LDAP:

  • First, create a new user within the User Administration tool. It is an internal mapping between the Unix user managed by the external LDAP system and the user for IP/MPLSView. Without this mapping, you cannot run the software.

  • Second, the useradmin password must be listed in the /etc/passwd file so that the Web user’s credentials sync with the Java client user.

  • Third, port 3389 needs to be opened on the server of the LDAP system in charge of User Administration.


If IP/MPLSView accounts are removed from the external LDAP system, then these users will not be able to access the software.

The password for the IP/MPLSView user is only stored and managed by the external LDAP system and cannot be modified by IP/MPLSView.

For more information on User Administration, including the command line configuration, access level, and control of the max logins, refer to the IP/MPLSView Java-Based Graphical User Interface Reference.