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SAM Collection

Figure 1: SAM Collection Task
SAM Collection Task
  • SAM chassis type mapping file: Maps the internal SAM-O router object type with the display name for each router type

  • Script creation template directory: Contains the scripts that SAM should run on each router, for example, show config

  • SAM server access URL: The URL to send SOAP messages to the SAM server

  • SAM server IP address: The IP address of the SAM server which is used in the URL above

  • SAM server user name: User name for logging onto the server on which the SAM application resides

  • SAM system user name: User name for logging onto the SAM application

  • SAM system password: The password for logging onto the SAM application

  • Is password hashed: The password for the SAM application can be entered in as a MD5 hash rather than sending it in cleartext

  • SAM server output directory: The directory on the SAM server where xml output from commands such as database queries run on the SAM are stored

  • Execution script directory: Contains templates of the SOAP messages sent to SAM to perform various tasks. The user should not touch these files.

  • SAM script info file: Config file specifying the scripts on SAM for doing collections. Each line includes the SAM id number of the script, the name of the script, and what router type to apply the script to

  • Temporary SAM results directory: Directory on the wandl machine where xml output from the SAM server is transferred to locally for processing

  • Destination directory for SAM collections: The location for the output of the collection task