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Recommended Instructions


Following is a high-level, sequential outline of the process of importing interface or tunnel traffic data and the associated, recommended detailed procedures.

  1. Prepare traffic data in the format described in Preparing the Traffic Data.

  2. Run the convintftraf (“convert interface traffic”) utility to create binary daily directories as described in Convintftraf (the Traffic Conversion Utility).

  3. Use the IP/MPLSView client to import this data into a daily directory repository, as described in Using the IP/MPLSView Client to Import Traffic Data.

  4. Aggregate or “roll-up” traffic data for selected days (for example, all the Mondays in February), as described in Roll-up / Aggregation Defined.

  5. View the summarized traffic statistics on the topology map as link utilizations, as described in Viewing Summarized Traffic Statistics on the Map.