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LSP Ping Collection


The LSP Ping Collection task allows users to run mpls ping commands on label switching routers and view the results from the Web Reports. Mpls ping can be used to detect broken LSPs which normal ICMP ping cannot.

  • Collect All LSP Ping in tunnel is the default option, which collects all tunnels found in the Live Network’s /u/wandl/data/.network/tunnel.x file.

  • If this option is unchecked, then the user can choose specific devices from the live network to collect from.


For valid LSP ping results, the routers in the network should be appropriately configured.

  • For Juniper, the egress routers should be configured with on the loopback IP addresses, for example, set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family inet address

  • Additionally, the routers’ clocks should be synchronized, for example, using Network Time Protocol (ntp).

Figure 1: LSP Ping Collection Task
LSP Ping Collection Task

After running the scheduled task, the LSP Ping results can be viewed from the IP/MPLSView Web Interface from Reports > Summary Report > LSP Ping report. In the LSP Ping report, the value’s unit of measure is ms and the mpls ping is measured as a one-way trip from source to destination. The data will also be stored in /u/wandl/data/lspping.