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Network Reports


The Network Reports page contains a list of network specification (also known as spec) projects with their corresponding reports from Report Manager and an image of the Topology layout. To generate this Web report for a specification project, select File > Export to Web. You can also generate the Web report on a scheduled interval by selecting Task Manager > Web Report. Generating new reports does not overwrite old reports, and each report set is timestamped. The Web administrator can remove these Web reports as needed.

Node Discovery Report

The Node Discovery Report displays the names of devices (nodes) added to or removed from the network after completion of a Scheduling Live Data Collection task or Network Config Data Collection task. To generate the Node Discovery report, IP/MPLSView compares the device differences between the previous network and the current network, and lists any devices that have been added or removed. Viewing the Node Discovery Report enables you to identify and verify any additions, deletions, or changes to the devices in your network.

You can access the Node Discovery Report from either the Web interface or Java client interface in IP/MPLSView. The Web version of the Node Discovery Report provides the same features as the Java client version, with only minor variations in the appearance of the GUI.

To view the Node Discovery Report from the IP/MPLSView Web interface:

  1. Log in to the IP/MPLSView Java client interface and open the live network.
  2. Select File > Export to Web.

    The software displays a message window stating that the Web reports are successfully saved.

  3. Click OK in the message window.
  4. Log in to the IP/MPLSView Web interface.
  5. Select Reports > Network Reports > Live Network.

    The Generated Network Data window is displayed.

  6. In the Generated Date column, select a date and time that includes a link to configuration reports in the Available Web Reports column.
  7. Click Web Reports.
  8. Select Configuration Reports > Node Discovery to display the Node Discovery Report.
    Figure 1: Node Discovery Report (Web Version)
    Node Discovery Report (Web Version)

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