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Collector Settings


After a certain number of seconds, if the collector fails to collect data from the router, it will time out. After the Time Out period, if a positive No. of retries is configured, it will proceed to try again to collect data from a router. The No. of retries and Time Out can be increased to ensure that data will not fail to be collected due to transient network conditions or delays. However, note that by increasing these numbers, the overall time to collect data will also increase when there are many routers that cannot be reached.

The No. of processes can be increased to allow for separate processes to collect data in parallel.

If you specified a secondary address in the router profile and wish to use the secondary address in case the primary address could not be reached, select also “Use secondary address if failed on primary address.”

If Turn on trace is selected, then collection errors will be logged in /u/wandl/log/wtalklog.log. This option should not be used in general, since it may add to the processing time, but it can be used when collecting a specific, problematic device when troubleshooting is necessary. Contact Juniper support for more information.