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Choosing Routers to be Collected


Select the routers for the live collection. To choose to use the router profile directly, select the “Use Profile Directly” checkbox. This option is strongly recommended for a task that is scheduled to run periodically because it will capture future modifications to the router profile. Note that once selecting this checkbox, you will be given the router profile(s) to choose from. More than one router profile can be collected together.

Figure 1: Use Profile Directly
Use Profile Directly

Another option is to select the “Use Master Profile” checkbox and select the device(s) to collect from the Master Profile, which contains the last successfully used credentials for previously collected devices. This checkbox appears if the Master Profile has been generated from a previous task.)

In contrast, the following options enable the user to add a subset of routers within a router profile or to concatenate routers from different router profiles. However, note that this will save the login information of the router profile at the time the task was created, but it will not change automatically when the associated router profiles are changed. (If that behavior is desired, then use the “Use Profile Directly” option instead.)

  1. Uncheck “Use Profile Directly”. Choose a router profile from the Router Profiles pull-down list. This will populate the list on the left with the IP addresses of all the routers in that profile.

  2. To select only particular routers from a router profile, highlight the routers from the list on the left. Highlight the desired ones and click Add-> to add them to the “Routers to be collected” list on the right. Alternatively, click Add All >> to add all the routers in the profile. Note that future changes to the router profile will not be picked up

  3. You can concatenate on to “Routers to be collected” list with additional routers from other router profiles by selecting a different router profile from the left hand side and likewise adding routers from that profile to the right hand side.

  4. To remove routers from the Routers to be collected list on the right, select an entry or entries to delete and right-click over the list. Then select “<-Remove”.


See Setting Up Device Profiles Overview for more information on creating router profiles.