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Viewing Device Performance


The Device Performance feature enables you to view device reports on system uptime, CPU temperature, CPU usage, CPU load, and memory usage. To prepare this data, schedule the Device SNMP Collection task, as described in Device SNMP Collection.

To display statistics information in the Device Performance report about interface modules (also known as line cards) installed in Juniper Networks devices in your network, select the Collect Line Card Information (Juniper Only) option when you configure the parameters for the Device SNMP Collection task.

To view the CPU load report and chart:

  1. Select Performance > Device Performance.

    The Device Performance window is displayed. The CPU load averages are shown in increments of 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.

  2. In the Device Performance pane, select CPU Load.

    The CPU Load report is displayed, as shown in Figure 1. The default display is for the current date.

    Figure 1: CPU Load Report
    CPU Load Report
  3. Select devices in the Router column, then click the chart icon to show the CPU load for the selected devices on the specified dates in a chart. See Figure 2.
    Figure 2: CPU Load Chart
    CPU Load Chart

Figure 3 shows a System Uptime report.

Figure 3: System Uptime Report
System Uptime Report

Figure 4 shows a CPU Temperature report.

Figure 4: CPU Temperature Report
CPU Temperature Report

Figure 5 shows a CPU Usage report.

Figure 5: CPU Usage Report
CPU Usage Report

Figure 6 shows a Memory Usage report.

Figure 6: Memory Usage Report
Memory Usage Report

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