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Discovery from a Range of IP Addresses

  1. To discover routers from a range of IP addresses, first create a new row in a router profile to specify the range. Instead of specifying a single IP address in the IP address field, you can specify a range of IP addresses within brackets. For example, “10.1.1.[1-10]” would include the addresses from to, and “10.1.[1-2].[1-10]” would include the addresses from to and to For the router name column, enter a name for this range of addresses.

  2. After creating the router profile entry, create a new task for “Host Discovery.”

  3. In the Profile Selection tab, select the router profile containing the IP addresses and IP address ranges that you want to ping for valid devices. Then select the appropriate rows and add them to the “Routers to be collected” list on the right. Under Data Collector Option, select “Merge with existing IP/MPLSView files” to update or add to the existing IP/MPLSView files with new node and interface data.

  4. Click the Discovery Options tab. For the Generated result profile, press Browse and enter a name for the new router profile such as “HostDiscoveryProfile”. It’s recommended to save into the directory /u/wandl/data/.TaskManager/profile, so that the profile should be visible from the Router Profiles window after the discovery is completed. Otherwise the default directory and profile name is saved to /tmp/hostDiscoveredProfile.

  5. Next to Generated result output file, enter in a filename, for example, “HostDiscoveryOutput”, which will indicate for troubleshooting purposes, the IP addresses that were unreachable, and those that were reachable but undiscoverable. The default directory and output file name is saved to /tmp/hostDiscoverOutput.

  6. Click Next to schedule the task immediately and then click Finish.

  7. After the discovery is completed, click the Router Profile button to view the newly created profile.

  8. For more details on the other options available for Host Discovery, see Host Discovery.