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Live View vs. Historical View


The Event Browser operates in two modes: Live View and Historical View, with Live View as the default mode. In Live View, the Event Browser window is constantly listening for new events and displays them as they arrive. Once an event is cleared, it is no longer displayed in Live View, but is still saved in the Historical View, with the exception of events of severity INFO.

You can switch between Live and Historical views from Fault > Event Browser and selecting the Historical Event View or Live Event View option.

Note that by default, the Historical View does not display any events; you must first enter an event query from the Historical Event Query Manager on the bottom toolbar in order to display events. The Historical Event Query will populate the window with the resulting events. Then further queries on the displayed events can be performed using Event Query Manager. See Figure 1 and Event Browser Query Manager.

Figure 1: Historical Event Query
Historical Event Query

Alternatively, access the historical events by right-clicking a node and selecting Events>View Historical Events and then select the time range of events to display.

Searching for Events / Event Queries

The search field on the bottom of the Event Browser window allows you to enter event queries to search for events in Live View or Historical View. For example, the following query will return all events that involve the Device ID DFW and are of Type linkDown:Type == linkDown && "Device ID" == DFW

Right click in the search field to get a list of all available properties to search for. Use quotation marks to enclose property names that contain spaces. Use the “~=” symbol instead of “==” to perform a simple substring search. Note that all searches are case sensitive. Below is a list of common logical operators for reference.

Logical Operator





Does not equal


Equals using regular expression (for example, “Type ~= link.+” will find events of type linkUp, linkDown, etc.)






Less than


Greater than