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Configuring Event Subscriptions via XML File(Advanced)


As an alternative to using the Event Subscription Editor described in the previous sections, the subscriptions can be set up by modifying XML configuration files on the event server.

Forwarding Traps Northbound

For configuring traps to be automatically forwarded to a northbound third-party system, the following file can be modified:


Open the file via a text editor and search for text like the following.

Remove the “<!--” and “--> comments, and replace the UPSTREAM_ADDRESS and UPSTREAM_PORT with the IP address and port to forward the traps to the third party upstream OSS. Then restart the SNMP trap server using “/u/wandl/bin/.snmptrap stop” and “/u/wandl/bin/.snmptrap start”.

E-mail Configurations

For configuring e-mail notifications, the following two files can be modified:

  • /u/wandl/db/config/eventserver.xml is used to configure the email server and account settings.

  • /u/wandl/db/config/ is used to configure the subscription (which events to be notified about) and recipient (who to notify) settings.

To configure email notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Open /u/wandl/db/config/eventserver.xml in a text editor and search for text like _IP_ADDRESS_, _USERNAME_, and _PASSWORD_ as shown in the following:

    If this does not exist, copy and paste the example above into the eventserver.xml file right before the line containing “</ComponentResources>”.

  2. Replace _IP_ADDRESS_ with the IP address of your mail server, _USERNAME_ wth your email login, and _PASSWORD_ with your email password. If your mail server uses a SMTP port other than 25, replace that as well. Save the file and close.

  3. Open /u/wandl/db/config/ in a text editor and search for text like the following:

  4. If this does not exist, copy and paste the above example into the file right before the line containing “</SubscriptionStore>”.

  5. Change _EMAIL_ADDRESS_ to the email address that will receive the notification emails. This will create an EventSubscriber that will send emails to _EMAIL_ADDRESS_ whenever the subscription “networkAgg” is triggered. To change how “networkAgg” is configured, search for something like the following in the file:

  6. Note that the above EventSubscription id=”networkAgg” must be defined in, otherwise the email notifications will never be triggered. From the example above, this will trigger an email for any NetworkEvent that has a severity greater than 1000. (The “&gt;” is used in place of the greater than symbol, >, in XML.) If you defined your EventSubscriber with a subscription id other than “networkAgg,” that subscription id must be defined as an EventSubscription like in the example above.

  7. Double check your changes, then save and close the file file.

  8. Restart the event server using the following commands: