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Related Events


Related Events is a Fault Management feature in the Event Browser that displays a graphical relationship of events for the selected event. It is accessed by right clicking an event and selecting Related Events from the pop-up menu. The Event Relation Graph will display related events over a time period of 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after the selected event occurred. The graph will typically display the affected nodes, interfaces, tunnels, and events.

Figure 1: Event Relation Graph
Event Relation Graph
  • Period is the time range of related events spanning 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after the selected event timestamp occurred.

  • Nodes are displayed by their hardware type icon.

  • Interfaces are displayed as solid lines with an orange box.

  • Events are displayed as colored circles corresponding to the severity type. The size of the circles increase with more event counts.

  • Tunnels are displayed as dotted black lines with an arrow.

  • Protocols are displayed as dotted blue lines with an arrow.

  • Recalculate Layout repositions the graph elements.

  • Detail / Compact View toggles displaying the event description.

  • Options button allows changing the Step interval time.

  • Play button plays through all sequence of events over the time Period.

  • Step buttons goes through the sequence of events in default 0.5 second intervals over the time Period.