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Creating Groups


The Event Browser allows you to group events by various attributes such as the Device ID, Severity, or Type of event. Grouping by one property will create one level of groups below the global Events group. Grouping by a second property will create a second level of groups, and so on. These groups are displayed in a tree structure in the left panel.

Right click within the Event Group View or on the Live Event View table’s column header and select Group. Alternatively, click Actions > Group Events.

Figure 1: Hierarchical Group Selection
Hierarchical Group Selection
Hierarchical Group Selection

Double click the checkbox next to the desired properties by which to group. When multiple properties are selected, events will be grouped hierarchically according to their order within the list, starting from the top of the list. Rearrange the grouping order by selecting a checked property and clicking the Move Up and Move Down buttons to place that property in the desired grouping order.

For flexible grouping of nodes, you can create their groups on the Topology map, and then select the category User Group. (To create the groups on the map, select the devices to group, and click the toolbar’s grouping icon, or right-click on the map and select Grouping > Group Selected.)

Right-click in the Event Group View pane to see the following group options:

  • Query Group History: Shows historical events for the selected group.

  • Clear Event Group: Clears all events in the selected group

  • Unacknowledge Event Group: Unacknowledges all the events in the selected group

  • Acknowledge Event Group: Acknowledges all the events in the selected group