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Traceroute from Device to Device


The traceroute utility traces the route of an IP packet from one device to another.

  1. Select Tools > Diagnostics > Trace Route.

  2. Move your cursor to the topology map and you will notice that it has become a cross-hair. Click on the router you want to trace from, then click on the router you want to trace to, or select “Enter destination IP address” to enter in a specific destination IP address.

    Figure 1: Basic Traceroute Options
    Basic Traceroute Options
  3. Use the options in the More Actions drop-down to specify the source interface or destination IP address.

  4. To customize the traceroute command and specify information such as source/destination interface or IP address, click the Advanced button, select the applicable command and options.

    Figure 2: Advanced Traceroute Options
    Advanced Traceroute Options
  5. Click Run to view the traceroute results.

    Figure 3: Traceroute Results
    Traceroute Results
  6. The results indicate the IP addresses at each hop of the path and the time it to for the IP trace packet to travel along this hop.

  7. After the traceroute operation is complete, as indicated by the green circle, right-click on the traceroute entry in the upper table of the Diagnostics tool and select “Show path on the map”.

    Figure 4: Traceroute Path Window
    Traceroute Path Window

    The word “unknown” in the Paths table may indicate that the path traverses an MPLS tunnel.