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Ping Device From Device


To measure connectivity, round trip time (RTT), delay, and packet loss, you can issue a ping operation from one device to another device, or from one device to multiple devices. The round trip time (RTT) is the time from the moment the ping packet is sent to the time a reply is received. After a number of pings, the minimum, maximum, and average round trip time in millisecond is collected, as well as the standard deviation and percentage packet loss.

  1. To access the ping feature, select Tools > Diagnostics > Ping Device From Device (or Ping > Device From Device from the Diagnostics Manager window). Move your cursor to the topology map and notice it is displayed as a cross-hair. Click on the device you want to ping from and then click on the router you want to ping to.


    For a VPN network, the ping only works for a pair (source-destination) of routers within a given VPN. A ping operation to a router outside the source router’s VPN will time out.

  2. After selecting source and destination devices, the following window is displayed, indicating the source and destination devices.

    Figure 1: Ping Device to Device
    Ping Device to Device
  3. The default option for “Ping device to device” is to ping to the destination device’s loopback IP address (Use Loopback IP address). You can optionally change this to the destination device’s management IP address, where the management IP address is the IP address defined in the router profile that is used by the IP/MPLSView server to collect information from the router (Use Management IP address).

  4. Select More Actions > Enter destination IP addresst o enter in a specific IP address of the destination device.

  5. Select More Actions > Choose Source Interface to select the ping source interface

  6. Click on the Options... button if necessary to change the diagnostic timeout from the default of 30 seconds.

  7. Click on the Run button to start the ping.

    Figure 2: Ping Results
    Ping Results