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Advanced Ping


The advanced ping settings allows the user to customize the number of pings (ping count) to perform, the source or destination interfaces/IP addresses, or to run advanced ping features such as mpls and vpn ping.

  1. To access the advanced settings, select Tools > Diagnostics > Ping Device From Device (or Ping > Device From Device from the Diagnostics Tool window).

  2. Again, select the source and destination devices as for the basic ping.

  3. In the subsequent window, click the Advanced button for the following display. Note that options will vary depending upon the hardware vendor of the selected devices.

    Figure 1: Advanced Settings for Ping
    Advanced Settings for Ping
  4. Select the ping command that you wish to run. Depending upon the selected ping command, different options will be provided below it, corresponding to items between the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ symbols. For example, for the command “ping count <count> <dest-addr> source <src-addr>”, the user will be prompted for a count and given options for the destination address and source address.