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Network Dashboard


The Network Dashboard feature allows you to see a variety of details from across IP/MPLSView, such as snapshots of the charts, top 10 events, and common issues in the integrity check. Figure 1 shows the Network Dashboard window.

Figure 1: Network Dashboard
Network Dashboard

To create the charts, select the appropriate Content Category. Then select the check boxes of the charts that you would like to generate. Select to either display a table (Tabular view) or a chart (line, bar, and in some cases pie chart), and the number of data points to include.

The following appropriate prerequisite steps need to be run in order for these charts to be displayed:

  • The Device SNMP Collection task should be set up for CPU/memory data.

  • The event server and SNMP trap server should be started and the router should be set up to forward traps to the IP/MPLSView server for event data.

  • The Link Latency Collection task should be set up for link latency data,

  • The Device Ping Collection task should be set up for ping content.

  • The Traffic Collection Manager should be set up for traffic information.