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Task Scheduling


Note that before scheduling configuration management tasks for the live network, you should first setup a live network collection task.

Configuration Comparison Task and Conformance Task

  1. As the application admin user, select Admin > Task Manager.

  2. Click the “New Task” button and select the “Config, Comparison, Conformance, and IC Report” task.

  3. There will be tabs for each task (Configuration comparison, Conformance Check, and Integrity Check). After enabling the task by selecting the corresponding checkmark, check that it is enabled for the Live Network under the “Network” section if applicable.

  4. Note that the Conformance Check task requires first setting up a project. Refer to the Configuration Conformance chapter of the Router Feature Guide for IP/MPLSView for more details on setting up a project.

  5. The Integrity Check option will schedule the report indicating potential configuration errors (same as Report > Report Manager, Configuration Reports > Integrity Checks Report.) For more details, refer to the Integrity Check Report chapter of the Router Feature Guide for IP/MPLSView.

  6. Under the Report Options tab, you may select which files to save the reports to, and optionally set up the server to send the report via e-mail. Enter in the full path of the file to save the reports to without including spaces in the name.

  7. After scheduling the task, and after the task completes, navigate to the appropriate directory in the File Manager for the reports. Note that for the Integrity Check Report, you can right-click the report name and select Open in Report Viewer.

Refer to the Router Feature Guide for IP/MPLSView for more details.