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CDP Discovery (Cisco Only)


The CDP Discovery task performs autodiscovery using the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) SNMP MIB.

Figure 1: CDP Discovery Task Parameters Window
CDP Discovery Task Parameters Window

Table 1: CDP Discovery Task Parameters

Task Parameter


File to save unreachable IP(s)

Any IP addresses that the CDP Discovery is unable to reach during the discovery process will be saved into this file. If the specified file does not exist, it will be created automatically.

Router Profiles

This drop-down menu selects a profile that was previously created in the Router Profiles window. Once a router profile is selected, the table on the left will be populated with all routers from the profile. Select which routers to include in the data collection by selecting routers from the left table and clicking the Add button to move them to the right table.

File containing IP addresses to skip

Specify IP addresses for the CDP Discovery process to ignore in this file, one per line.

File with optional SNMP get community string(s)

This is a file containing one SNMP community string per line. The CDP Discovery process will try alternate SNMP community strings from this set if the default/configured SNMP community strings specified in the router profile does not work.