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Main Window SRLG Table


The IP/MPLSView main window has network information tables that contain detailed information about nodes, links, tunnels, and shared risk link groups (SRLGs).

Identifying SRLGs is important when planning MPLS label-switched path (LSP) diversity.

Figure 1 shows the main window SRLG table, the SRLG details window, and the SRLG links highlighted in the topology map.

Figure 1: Main Window SRLG Table
Main Window SRLG

Table 1 describes the SRLG table columns.

Table 1: Main Window SRLG Table Columns

Column Name



Identifier of the SRLG. For SRLGs created automatically, the name is derived from the node name and common part of the interface names. If you create the SRLGs, you configure the name.


Number of nodes. SRLGs created automatically do not include the nod and the display is 0. SRLGs created manually might include nodes and links.


Number of links that are in the shared risk group.

Node Names

The name of the node in manually created SRLGs.

Link Names

Name of the links that are in the shared risk group.

Double-click the SRLG identifier. An SRLG detail window is displayed and the SRLG links are highlighted in the topology map.

In the SRLG details window, expand the lists to display information such as the name of the links, the protocols configured on the links, and the RSVP bandwidth on the source node and the target (destination) nodes at each end of the links.