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Topology Map Right Pane


The topology map is a graphical representation of the baseline network. IP/MPLSView can display the topology in several views.

Figure 1 shows the topology map right pane with some additional pop-up displays.

Figure 1: Topology Map Right Pane
Topology Map Right Pane

The topology map pane has the following capabilities:

  • The color of the links indicates the real-time link utilization. Click on the utilization legend to adjust the utilization percent for each color.

  • When the cursor is positioned over a network element in the topology map, the network element label is displayed.

  • When you double-click a network element in the topology map, a description of the element is displayed in a pop-up window in the map pane.

  • When you right-click a network element in the topology map, a pop-up menu of additional actions is displayed. For example a router element might display actions such as Show Config, Run CLI, Diagnostic Manager, Traceroute, Real Time Tunnel Traffic, Real Time Performance, Protocol Status, Events at Node, Historical Device Performance, Historical Network Performance, Interfaces at Node, Tunnels Starting at Node, and Tunnels On or Thru Node. A link element might display actions such as Traffic Chart, Real Time Tunnel Traffic, and Tunnels On or Thru Node.

  • To zoom in or out, click the + or - icons in the upper right corner. Alternatively, use your mouse wheel.

  • To select a group of nodes and links, Shift click and drag a rectangle around the nodes and links you want to select. Alternatively, Shift Click and select individual elements. You can also Shift Click and select multiple nodes.

  • To recenter the elements in the pane, click the bulls eye icon in the upper right corner.

  • To move all elements at the same time, click, hold, and drag the elements in the topology map pane.


When you move nodes in the map area, you are changing the graphical coordinates rather than the geographical coordinates. Graphical coordinates are the positions of the nodes in the topology window. Geographical coordinates are positions of the nodes according to actual physical locations (for example, latitude and longitude).

The Topology Map Right-Click Menu

When you right-click in the topology map right pane, a menu is displayed.

Figure 2 shows the topology map right-click menu.

Figure 2: Topology Map Right-Click Menu
Topology Map
Right-Click Menu

From the topology map right-click menu, you can select the following:

Distribute All NodesThe system repositions the elements in an equally distributed manner.
Save Map LayoutSave the current map layout to the map view entry that has been marked as Default. If there is no map view marked as Default, then it automatically loads that saved map layout the next time the topology is loaded.
Select All NodesSelect all nodes in the map.
Refresh UtilizationUpdate the utilization display with the most recent information.
Group/Ungroup selected nodesCollapse the selected nodes under a group icon. Double-click the group icon to expand the group.
Auto GroupingIn the AutoGroup window, select how the nodes should be grouped. Selections include AS, ISIS Area, and Regular Expression. Selecting Regular Expression allows you to specify hostnames, IP addresses, or node types to match. Nodes matching the expression are collapsed under a group icon. Double-click the group icon to expand the group.
Reload NetworkReloads the latest network topology from the server. A timestamp is displayed in the upper right of the map.