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User Admin


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Tools menu used to display the Task Manager, MIB Browser, Device Profiles, User Admin, and File Browser windows.

Select Tools>User Admin to display the User Administration window. Figure 1 shows the User Administration window.

Figure 1: User Administration Window
User Administration Window

Users are assigned to groups. To create a new group, select Add Group. An Add Group dialog box is displayed. Type a name for the group, and from the Group type menu, select Full Access, Web Portal, or Web VPN. Click OK. The new group is displayed in the User Administration window. Select view only or modify and view permissions for each feature or function and click Apply.

To add a new user, select the Users tab. A list of users is displayed. Click Add. Figure 2 shows the Add New User Dialog Box.

Figure 2: Add New User Dialog Box
Add New User Dialog Box

Type the name, select the group type, group, and other information. Click OK.

To create or modify network regions, select the Region Definitions tab. Figure 3 shows the Region Definitions window.

Figure 3: Region Definitions Window
Region Definitions Window

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