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MIB Browser


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Tools menu used to display the Task Manager, MIB Browser, Device Profiles, User Admin, and File Browser windows.

Select Tools>MIB Browser to display the MIB Browser window.

Figure 1 shows the MIB Browser window.

Figure 1: MIB Browser Window
MIB Browser Window

The MIB Details pane shows the definition of the MIB object.

To load a MIB, filter by trap, or enable SNMP configuration editing, click the gear icon.

To query a device for a MIB object, select Access Device. Figure 2 shows the Access Device pane.

Figure 2: MIB Browser Access Device Pane
MIB Browser Access Device Pane

From the Host/IP Address menu, select the device you want. The hostname and SNMP community string are automatically populated. Make any necessary changes, and select Get, Get next, or Get all from the Retrieve menu. The device response is displayed.

To save the query to a file, click Save. To clear the query selections, click Clear.