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Performance Menu Run CLI


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Performance menu used to display live traffic, aggregated traffic, real-time status and usage, device and network performance, and diagnostics. It is also used to manage the traffic collector, and run CLI tests.

Select Performance > Diagnostics>Run CLI to display the Run CLI window. Figure 1 shows the Run CLI window populated with the results of the show versions and show chassis environment CLI commands for a single device.

Figure 1: Run CLI Window
Run CLI Window

In the Device Selection pane, select one or more devices. To filter devices by vendor, select the vendor name from the Device Selection menu.

In the Command Selection Command Types pane, select CLI Commands, VPN Commands, or Provisioning Check. Select a subset of the command types from the menu. A list of individual commands is displayed in the Command pane. Select the individual commands you want, and select Collect.


Executing all commands for a specified command type, takes significant time to complete.

The output from the commands is displayed in the Output pane. The command name and timestamp of when the command last executed are displayed in the Results pane.

In the Results pane, select a command from the Command Execution History list to display the output.

Figure 2 shows the Results pane with the Command Execution History and command output displayed.

Figure 2: Command Execution History and Output
Execution History and Output

Select the Collected by Task Manager tab to display command output that has been collected by a task in the Task Manager. From the menu, select the category of command. The command output is displayed. Figure 3 shows the Collected by Task Manager command category menu and command output display.

Figure 3: Command Output Collected by Task Manager
Output Collected by Task Manager

Select Ping Multiple Routers. The Ping Routers window is displayed. Hold the Shift key to select a range of routers. Hold the Control key to select multiple individual routers. Click Submit. The ping test results are displayed.

The Ping Router from Router, Check Router Connectivity and Traceroute selections all work similar to Ping Multiple Routers.

Figure 4 shows the Traceroute Results pane.

Figure 4: Traceroute Results Pane
Traceroute Results Pane

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