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Node Menu Real Time Device Performance


In the IP/MPLSView main window, select a node in the map, right-click, and select Real Time Device Performance. The Select Device Perf Counters window is displayed. Figure 1 shows the Select Device Perf Counters window.

Figure 1: Select Device Perf Counters Window
Device Perf Counters Window

Select one or more objects to monitor, and click the right arrow to move it to the Selected Objects pane. Click Apply.

The Live Device Performance chart is displayed. Figure 2 shows the Live Device Performance window.

Figure 2: Live Device Performance Chart
Live Device
Performance Chart

The Live Device Performance Data table displays the date and time the node was polled, and the count for the object you selected.

Click Stop Updating to stop the object polling. If you want to change the polling time interval or maximum values, click Change Settings. Click Start Updating.