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Link Menu Link Latency


In the IP/MPLSView main window, select a link in the map, right-click and select Link Latency. The Link Latency Chart is displayed. Figure 1 shows the Link Latency Chart.

Figure 1: Link Latency Chart
Link Latency

To display historical link latency results, you must first schedule a corresponding task in the Task Manager.

In the chart window, you can use the controls at the top of the window to select the link, select the start and end dates, reset the zoom, save the chart as an image, export to Excel, select the chart time period, select the chart style, and show or hide the data points. Hold your mouse pointer over a data point to display a pop-up pane that shows the time and traffic value.

Table 1 describes the Link Latency table columns.

Table 1: Link Latency Table Columns

Column Name



Name of the link derived from the node name.


Time the latency data represents.


Name of the node at one end of the link


IP address of the interface at one end of the link.


Name of the node at one end of the link


Interface identifier at one end of the link


The minimum link latency reported.


The maximum link latency reported.