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Main Window Hello Menu and Help-About Menu


The IP/MPLSView main window has a menu that displays Hello and the name of the user who is logged in. To log out of IP/MPLSView, select Hello>Logout. You are immediately logged out.

The IP/MPLSView main window has a menu, in the upper-right area of the main window, used to display the About window, connect to the WANDL IP/MPLSView technical documentation Web page, and launch the IP/MPLSView Java client user interface.

Figure 1 shows the Help-About menu.

Figure 1: Help-About Menu
Help-About Menu

Select About to display the About window. Figure 2 shows the About window.

Figure 2: IP/MPLSView About Window
IP/MPLSView About

The IP/MPLSView About window displays the software revision, the customer identifier, the user limit, node limit, license expiration date, and the licenses enabled.

The license information is obtained from the /IPMPLSView/API/v1/rest/license file.

Select Java GUI. The Launch Java Client dialog box is displayed. Figure 3 shows the Launch Java Client dialog box.

The advantage of launching the client in this way is that you do not have to install the IP/MPLSView client on your local machine.

Figure 3: Launch Java Client Dialog Box
Launch Java Client Dialog Box

Click RunIP/MPLSView. The WebstartServlet.jnlp file is downloaded. A Starting message is displayed.

You are prompted to run the application. Figure 4 shows the prompt window.

Figure 4: Run Application Prompt
Run Application Prompt

Click Run. The IP/MPLSView login window is displayed. Figure 5 shows the IP/MPLSView Java login window.

Figure 5: IP/MPLSView Java Login Window
IP/MPLSView Java Login Window

For more information about using the Java-based user interface, see Main Window Overview in the IP/MPLSView Java-based Graphical User Interface Reference.

Select Help to connect to the WANDL IP/MPLSView technical documentation Web page. Internet access is required.