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Event Count Chart


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Fault menu used to display an event browser, event summary reports, link availability reports, event charts, and to edit thresholds.

Select Fault>Event Count Chart to display the Event Count Chart window.

Figure 1 shows the Event Count Chart window.

Figure 1: Event Count Chart Window
Event Count Chart

The chart shows the event count for all events in gold, BGP events in blue, device events in black, and protocol events in red.

In the chart window, you can use the controls at the top of the window to reset the zoom, save the chart as an image, and reload the chart. Hold your mouse pointer over a data point to display a pop-up pane that shows the event count. Drag your mouse over a section of the chart to zoom in.

You can also select to show or hide data points and show or hide series lines.

From the Options menu, you can show or hide protocol, device, and BGP events. Select Options>Manage Series. The Event Count Chart Series window is displayed. Figure 2 shows the Event Count Chart Series window.

Figure 2: Event Count Series Window
Event Count Series

Select the color and enter a different number to change the color displayed for each event series or select the color from the color selection window displayed. When you select the series color, the series filter is displayed in the Series Filter pane. You can change the auto refresh rate from the Auto Refresh Interval menu. A value of 0 does not refresh.

To create a new series, select New. The New Event Count Series window is displayed. Figure 3 shows the New Event Count Series window.

Figure 3: New Event Count Series Window
New Event Count
Series Window

Type the name for the series in the Series Name field. Select a key in the attribute list and then click in the Value field. A select values window is displayed. Figure 4 shows the Select “severity” values window.

Figure 4: Select Severity Values Window
Select Severity
Values Window

Select the value you want in the Available pane and select the right arrow to move it to the Selected pane. Select OK. The value is displayed in the New Event Count Series window. Continue to select the query values you want, then select Ok. The new series is displayed in the New Event Count Series window.

To edit a series, select Edit. To delete a series, select the series and select Delete.