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Data and Traffic Collection Features


This list identifies the data and traffic collection features of IP/MPLSView. The features are:

  • Autodiscovery of the network via the Task Manager from a subset of the network’s routers using OSPF, ISIS, or MPLS Topology information.

  • Automated Telnet/SSH collection of actual configuration files (Juniper, Cisco, Foundry, Riverstone, ERX), interface, tunnel path data (CLI Collection) using the Task Manager.

  • Automated collection of data from various router “show” commands (Task Manager, User CLI).

  • Automated collection of traffic data through the Traffic Collection Manager.

  • View of network configuration tunnel set-up, tunnel operational state, and traffic flow.

  • Network data multi-vendor extraction utility Getipconf creates a specification file network from router config files.

  • Collection of CPU utilization, device SLA, and ping statistics.