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Hardware Inventory Reports


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Configuration menu used to display network data, network reports, integrity checks, hardware inventory, equipment views, the configuration manager, and other miscellaneous reports.

Select Configuration>Hardware Inventory Reports to display the Hardware Inventory Reports window. In the reports, you can select columns to determine what is displayed in the report. Options include IPv6 addresses, autonomous system (AS) numbers, serial numbers, and other SKU information. Figure 1 displays some of these column options.

Figure 1: Hardware Inventory Transceivers Window
Hardware Inventory Transceivers

Figure 2 shows the Hardware Inventory Reports window with the Routers tab selected.

Figure 2: Hardware Inventory Reports Window
Hardware Inventory Reports Window

Select the tab for the level of report you want, such as Line Cards, Physical Interfaces, and Transceivers. Select Misc Parts to display power supplies and fan trays. Select Extensive Parts to display estimated cost.

From the header menus, you can select a date, a topology group, or a vendor to filter the reports.

Click Export to CVS to download a .cvs file. Click Advanced Filters to display instructions on how to use advance filters.

To search using advanced-filter regular expressions, open the menu in the column header, and select Advanced Filter. Then type the text to search for.

Figure 3 shows the Advanced Filter results.

Figure 3: Hardware Inventory Reports Advanced Filters
Hardware Inventory Reports Advanced

In the left navigation pane, select Reports to display device-specific reports. Select the Hardware Inventory, Device Usage, Line Card Usage, CapEx, or CapEx by Parts tabs to display daily usage and estimated cost reports.

In the left navigation pane, select Line Card Usage or Device Usage to display usage reports for a specified time period.

You can display reports for elements such as devices, line cards, slots, and ports.

Select the start date and end date, and click Query. A list of reports is displayed. Check the reports you want, and click Chart. A chart of the selected device, time period, and report type is displayed.

Figure 4 shows the Hardware Inventory Reports window with Device Usage Per Device selected.

Figure 4: Hardware Inventory Device Usage per Device Reports
Hardware Inventory Device Usage
per Device Reports

Hardware inventory reports are only created if a hardware inventory task is created to run at a scheduled time.

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