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Device Library Manager


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Configuration menu used to display network data, network reports, integrity checks, hardware inventory, equipment views, the configuration manager, the device library manager, and other miscellaneous reports.

Select Configuration>Device Library Manager. The Device Library Manager window is displayed. Figure 1 shows the Device Library Manager window.

Figure 1: Device Library Manager Window
Device Library Manager Window

The CLI Template pane shows the file path to the template file used for CLI commands. Select Modify to change the CLI screen width used.

The Web Image pane shows the file path to the icon file for the device selected. Select Modify to change the icon file used.

Figure 2 shows the Device Library Server File Browser window.

Figure 2: Device Library Server File Browser Window
Library Server File Browser Window

To display the contents of a sub-directory, double-click the directory name. To return to the default directory, select the home icon. To refresh the display, select the blue-circle icon. To move up to the parent directory, select the up arrow icon.

To add a new hardware type, select Add. The New Hardware Type window is displayed. Select the vendor from the Vendor Family menu, type the name of the new hardware type, and select Save. To delete a hardware type, select the type, and select Delete.

The vendortemplatefile.csv file the in /u/wandl/db/config/ directory contains the mapping of vendor, command template, and icon used.