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Performing Further Analysis Offline Overview


The Performing Further Analysis Offline chapter of the Management and Monitoring Guide for IP/MPLSView describes how to save your live network to a set of corresponding IP/MPLSView network project files. These files can then be opened for carrying out numerous offline analysis and traffic engineering tasks.

Use this procedure after you have collected the network topology (interfaces, tunnels, etc.) or traffic data in the live online mode, and are ready to run various “what-if” experiments or traffic engineering tasks on your network.

Prior to beginning this task, you must have started the IP/MPLSView software and have performed at least the router collection described in Collecting Supplementary Device Data Overview. You should be in the live network mode (File > Open Live Network).

For an overview of IP/MPLSView or for a detailed description of each IP/MPLSView feature and the use of each IP/MPLSView GUI window, refer to the IP/MPLSView Java-Based Graphical User Interface Reference.

Following is a high-level, sequential outline and the associated, recommended procedures for saving your live network in order to perform offline analysis. There are two general methods:

  • Explicitly saving the network model

  • Replaying the traffic in the offline model

These methods are discussed in the following sections.