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IP/MPLSView Border Gateway Protocol Overview


The de facto routing protocol currently used to maintain connectivity between autonomous systems (ASs ) is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) version 4 (based on RFC 1771). When BGP is used between ASs, it is refered to as EBGP (External BGP). BGP can also be used within an AS -- known as IBGP (Internal BGP) -- to primarily propagate BGP information learned from other ASs. IP/MPLSView’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) module allows network planners to quickly investigate various BGP routing and peering scenarios via BGP policy and attribute modifications. After running configuration import to extract BGP information, the impact of changing BGP routing policies and attributes on inter-Autonomous System (inter-AS) traffic can be assessed.


A license is required for the BGP feature. Please contact your Juniper representative for more information.