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RESTful APIs Supported by WANDL IP/MPLSView


The following is a high-level list of the RESTful APIs supported by WANDL IP/MPLSView. Network topology is broken out into separate API categories due to its size.

Table 1 list the API categories.

Table 1: API Categories



User administration












Performance management


Hardware inventory


Traffic data


User/Tenant API Considerations

Each application and user has an ID for accessing the API. This user ID value is fixed at 1 (one).

Networks and Topology

Users and applications have access to several networks. The topology ID for the live network is 1 (one).

While IP/MPLSView supports a number of topologies, data collection is only performed on the live network.

Query Parameters

While some query parameters, such as the tenant and topology ID, are expressed simply, others are URI parameters that are part of the URL path and in the format: ?<parameter>=<value>. For example, when a date parameter can be used, it is expressed as ?date=<date>, where date is in yyyymmdd format, such as ?date=20150917.

When applicable, these are called out in the API descriptions.