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Marconi CLI


This feature requires a license. Please contact your Juniper Networks representative for more details on this feature.

The Default Tab provides the following:

  • Select Output Directory: Select where the IP/MPLSView specification file is created

  • Specify Runcode: Specify a file name extension for the specification file and related project files

  • Specify Old Runcode: Specify the runcode of the original specification file, if any

The Advanced Tab provides the following:

Table 23: Marconi CLI Advanced Tab



Select External Link File

This option allows you to select a link file to include in the import to complete the topology. These links are typically WAN links connecting through an external carrier's ATM backbone.

Generate psuedo nodes

If selected, the import will generate pseudo nodes for all unknown link destination addresses.

Match paths

The import program will attempt an ad-hoc virtual path matching algorithm to generate link and demand connectivity. This should only be used in cases where either PNNI info is missing, signaling has been turned off on the ports, or encryptors exist between links.

Suppress logical links

This is another option that should only be used when there are encryptors between links that short-circuit the topology.