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Map Views


For each offline network, you can save multiple map views, corresponding to different graphical locations and groupings of network devices. Map settings such as zoom, color legend sliders, and applied filters are also saved. For each map view that is saved, there is a subdirectory which contains map-related files for that view, including graphcoord, group, and graphcoordaux files.

  • Click Save Map and enter a Name and optional Description to save a new map view. Local is for offline networks. Private and Shared are for Live networks.

    • Local saves map settings to the network spec directory in subdirectory /userSettings

    • Private saves map settings to your home directory in subdirectory /wandlnetworks/livenetwork_output_directory/userSettings/livenetwork/

    • Shared saves map settings to the Live network directory /u/wandl/data/userSettings/livenetwork/

  • Select a map view and click Load Map to load a previously saved map view.

  • To overwrite an existing map view, select an entry, click Save Map, and use the same Name.

Figure 45: Map Views
Map Views

For the Live Network (File > Open Live Network), you can specify a default private view. Administrators can create shared views that will appear in everyone’s map view list. Administrators can also set one as the default shared view. To set your personal default view, select the radio button under the Default column.


Administrators must set one default shared view by selecting the radio button under the Shared Default column. The Shared Default is the view every user will see when opening the Live Network and used by the Web for group reports and features. If you have selected a different Default view, your view has higher priority than the Shared Default and it is loaded when opening the Live Network.

Figure 46: Live Network Map Views
Live Network Map Views