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    Launching the IP/MPLSView Web Interface

    To launch the Web interface:

    1. Launch the IP/MPLSView Web interface using the URL: http://<ip-addr>:8091/ where <ip-addr> is the IP address of the server in which you have IP/MPLSView installed.
    2. Alternatively, to access the Web interface using a secure HTTP connection, use the URL https://<ip-addr>:8443 instead. If navigation is blocked due to a security certificate warning, you can click “Continue to this website” to continue.
    3. The login credentials use the same user ID and passwords setup on the Linux server. Administrators have access to administrative functions in the Admin menu.
      • To change passwords, use the passwd command on the server.
      • To add, remove, or update Web users, manage these user through the IP/MPLSView User Administration tool.
      • To help troubleshoot server application-related issues, various log files are created under the /u/wandl/log directory and are accessible from the Web by selecting Admin > View > Logs. Select view collection log files or task log files by clicking on the tabs on the left pane and clicking the desired log file to view.

      Refer to the IP/MPLSView Web-based Graphical User Interface Reference for more information.

    Modified: 2016-11-08