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    Installing IP/MPLSView Without Reusing Existing Settings and Data

    If you are installing IP/MPLSView on a server where it is already installed, there are two possible scenarios:

    Software upgrade on top of a previous installation

    In this case, the previous configuration settings and network data, including the database, are reused.

    Software installation from scratch

    In this case, you do not want to reuse previous settings and network data. Therefore, you need a new data directory and software configuration.

    To install from scratch:

    1. Stop the processes of the previous installation using the following commands:
      $ cd /u/wandl/bin
      $ ./stop_mplsview
    2. Verify that the /u/wandl directory is linked .
      ls -l /u
      lrwxrwxrwx 1 wandl wandl 27 Feb 16 17:55 wandl -> /home/wandl/mpls621-0216-S1

      If the directory is linked, the output displays wandl -> followed by the location to which the /u/wandl directory is linked.

      Note: Only remove the /u/wandl directory if it is a link. If it is not a link, you will delete your directory.

    3. If you previously installed as root and linked to the /u/wandl directory, remove the link using the following command:
      # rm /u/wandl
    4. Log in to the server as the desired user ID.
    5. Run the install script as described in Installing the IP/MPLSView Server, Client, Traffic Data Collector, and Rsync Package.
      cd /install_dir/server
      $ ./

      After the application owner starts up the application, other users can still log in to the application as long as they belong to the same group ID as the owner of the application.

      All IP/MPLSView files or output generated by other users are saved with the ownership of the owner of the application.

    Modified: 2016-11-08