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    Installing the IP/MPLSView Client on a PC

    This topic describes how to install the IP/MPLSView client on a Windows-based PC.

    Make sure that your client machine can connect to the application server. Before the client installation, you should have the server IP address available.

    To install the client:

    1. Download the installIPMPLSView.exe file to the client PC.
    2. Double-click the installIPMPLSView.exe icon.

      The installer program prompts you to enter the name or IP address of the server on which you have IP/MPLSView installed.

    3. Enter the IP address or hostname if your hostname is listed in the hosts file of your PC.
    4. Select the default port number for the server, unless those ports were configured for a non-default port.

      The installer program prompts you to set the RAM allocation for the application.

    5. Set the RAM allocation. Generally a higher setting allows for better application performance for large networks. However, reserve some RAM for other applications that you might be running at the same time.
    6. Select the directory in which to install the client. The default directory is C:\Program Files\wandl\IP-MPLSViewx.x, where x.x is the release number. Alternately, use the Browse button to select the directory of your choice.

    During the installation, you can click Back at any time to go back to a previous step to make corrections. You can click Cancel at any time to exit the installation program and install at a later time.

    After the client installation is complete, the system creates the ipmplsview.bat file in the installation directory. To modify the IP address, port information, and memory options after the installation, edit the ipmplsview.bat file using a text editor such as Notepad.

    Note: For Windows Vista users, the installation directory and ipmplsview.bat file are read-only by default. To change the permission, navigate to the C:\Program Files\wandl directory, right-click on the installation directory, and select Properties. In the Security tab, click Edit, select the row for Users, and check that modify is allowed.

    For information about launching the PC client, see “Launching the Viewserver Client” in Installing the Viewserver.

    Installing The Java Web Start Client

    Java Web Start provides an alternate method for launching the IP/MPLSView client. One of the major benefits of Web Start is the ability to locally cache the application. It might take a few minutes to download all the necessary files the first time the client is launched. Afterwards, all subsequent launches are instantaneous. Web Start also performs version control, so if there is a new version of the application installed on the server, it upgrades the client automatically at runtime. In this way, the server and client are always in sync.

    Modified: 2017-03-20