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    New Task Wizard

    The New Task Wizard is used for adding a new scheduled task to the Task Manager, and is accessed by clicking the New Task button at the bottom of the Task Manager window.

    The first step of the wizard is to select which type of task to add. There are many types of tasks available, as shown in the figure below. Clicking on a task type icon will display a description of the task type in the text area below the icon panel. The following sections describe how to configure each type of task.

    Figure 1: New Task Wizard: Selecting the Type of Task

    New Task Wizard: Selecting the Type of Task

    Select the task type and, if desired, give it a Task Name and a Comment, both of which are optional. After the initial step of selecting the type of task to create, two more steps are involved in creating the task:

    • Task Parameters: This step allows the user to select the routers and specific network data to be collected from the network.
    • Scheduling Parameters: This step allows the user to specify the start, stop times, and the frequency of collection.

    The following sections describe the Task Parameters step for each type of task, as these options vary depending on the task type. The Scheduling Parameters step, however, is uniform for all tasks, and will be described after all Task Parameter options have been covered. Below is a table of the different types of tasks available.

    Table 1: Task Reference



    Aggregated Traffic Report

    See Specifying Traffic Aggregation Options.

    ARP Data Collection

    See ARP Data Collection.


    See Autodiscovery.

    CDP Discovery

    See Specifying Intermediary Servers.

    Collection Data Copy

    See Collection Data Copy.

    Config, Comparison, Conformance and IC Report

    See Config, Comparison, Conformance, and IC Report.

    Device Ping Collection

    See Device Ping Collection.

    Device SNMP Collection

    See Device SNMP Collection.

    Device SLA Collection

    See Device SLA Collection.

    Link Latency Collection

    See Link Latency Collection.

    Hardware Inventory Report

    See Hardware Inventory Report.

    Host Discovery

    See Host Discovery.

    Integrity Check

    See the Router Feature Guide for IP/MPLSView, “Integrity Check Report” chapter.

    LDP Traffic Collection

    See LDP Traffic Collection (Juniper only).

    LSP Ping Collection

    See LSP Ping Collection.

    LSP Tunnel Traffic Collection

    See LSP Tunnel Traffic Collection (Juniper only).

    Network Config Data Collection

    See Network Config Data Collection.

    Network Performance Data Report

    See Network Performance Data Report.

    Ping IPs

    See Ping IPs.

    SAM Collection

    See SAM Collection.

    SAM Interface Traffic Collection

    See SAM Interface Traffic Collection.

    SAM LSP Statistics Collection

    See SAM LSP Statistics Collection.

    Scheduling Live Network Collection

    See Scheduling Live Network Collection.

    Server Performance Data Collection

    See Server Performance Data Collection.

    Traffic Summary Report

    See Traffic Summary Report.

    User CLI Collection

    See User CLI Collection.

    User-Defined SNMP Collection

    See User-Defined SNMP Collection.

    VLAN Discovery

    See Scheduling a VLAN Discovery Task.

    Web Report

    See Web Report.

    Modified: 2016-11-08