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    Sizing Tunnels and Demands

    Note: Although the steps below are for tunnel sizing, demand sizing works the same way.

    • Open a network that contains tunnels.
    • Switch to Tunnel layer.
    • View current tunnel utilization in the Report Manager.
    • Specify Tunnel Sizing default options in the Demand/Tunnel Sizing option pane of Tools > Options > Design.
    • Select Design > Tunnel Sizing to bring up the “Find Tunnels” window. Specify the search criteria for tunnels.
    • Adjust the new tunnel bandwidth value if necessary by entering a new value in the tunnel’s “New BW” field or clicking on the “Recalculate Selected” button.
    • Save the new bandwidth values by clicking on “Confirm Selected” or “Confirm All”. This will save the new bandwidth values as the tunnel’s bandwidth.

    Modified: 2016-11-08