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    Using Tunnel Templates

    1. In the File Manager, traverse to $WANDL_HOME/data/templates (which typically is set to /u/wandl/data/templates). In that directory you can create files containing commands that will be added to the configlets during generation time.
    2. In Modify mode, use Modify > Elements >Tunnels and select the tunnels you want to modify. Next, click “Modify” and select “Selected Entries” to modify the selected tunnels or and select “All Entries” to modify all displayed tunnels. (To highlight a subset, select a tunnel and then use <Shift>-click to select a range of tunnels and/or <Ctrl>-click to add or remove individual tunnels to the selection.) In the resulting window, click the Type button in the middle of the “Modify Tunnel” window for the following window.

      Figure 1: Tunnel Type Parameter Generation Window (Options may vary)

      Tunnel Type Parameter Generation Window (Options may
    3. Use the “Browse” button at the bottom right to enter in the location of the template you created.
    4. Click “OK” to submit your changes.
    5. Then click “OK” in the “Modify Tunnel” window to modify the selected tunnels.
    6. Now if you generate LSP configlets from Design > Confligets/Delta > LSP Configlets in Design mode and view your configlets in the target directory, you should be able to see the added statements from your template.

    Modified: 2016-11-08