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    Creating a Tunnel Numbering Scheme

    You can customize the tunnel numbering range that is generated by the LSP configlets. This feature makes use of both Tunnel ID Groups and User Parameters.

    • In Modify mode, first create a tunnel user parameter. To do so, go to Modify > Elements > User Parameters. Select the Tunnel tab. Then, click the “Add” button. Specify any name for your parameter (e.g. “cluster”) in the popup dialog. Then, click “OK” and press “Close” to close the User Parameters window.

      Figure 1: Adding a Tunnel User Parameter

      Adding a Tunnel User Parameter
    • Go to Modify > Elements > Tunnel ID Groups to open up the Tunnel ID Groups window. Click on the “Add” button to create new groups, specifying a numeric range for each type of tunnel. At the top of the window, indicate the Tunnel User Parameter, created earlier, to be associated with the newly defined tunnel ID groups.

      Figure 2: Specifying Range in Tunnel ID Groups

      Specifying Range
in Tunnel ID Groups
    • Now, go to Modify > Elements > Tunnels. In the Tunnels window, click on the “Modify” button and select “All Entries”. In the resulting window, switch to the User Parameters tab, and set the value for the new tunnel parameter, or “cluster” in this example. Press “OK”.
    • Note that the tunnel id numbering scheme is not immediately applied to the tunnels that you have just modified. That is, tunnel ids are not updated at this stage. Bear in mind that the tunnel numbering scheme is local, meaning that a tunnel such as “tunnel501” is not necessarily unique; it is unique only within the configlet, or at the head end router.
    • Switch to Design mode and go to Design > Confligets/Delta > LSP Configlet. In the LSP Configlet window, be sure to check the Update Tunnel Names checkbox. Follow the instructions in Creating LSP Configlets for All Routers. Once the configlets are submitted, the tunnels will take on their new IDs according to your numbering scheme. Configlets that are generated will obey the same tunnel ID numbering scheme.

    Modified: 2016-11-08