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    Data to Be Collected

    Select the checkbox besides “Select All” to collect configuration, interface, tunnel path, transit tunnel, MPLS topology, equipment CLI, OSPF neighbors, ISIS neighbors, ARP, and switch CLI. Alternatively, select only the data types desired. This usually includes minimally the configuration and interface files. If necessary, to modify the commands used to collect this information, check the relevant file (named using hardware vendor followed by data type) in the /u/wandl/db/command directory.

    Note: It may be desirable to set different frequencies of collection for different data being collected depending upon how frequently the data is expected to change. To do this, multiple live network tasks can be scheduled with different frequencies for different data. For example, you could create one task collecting only configuration files and interface on an interval such as once a day and a second live network task to collect only “tunnel path” and “transit tunnel” more frequently (for example, every 15 minutes).

    Alternate Login

    A list of alternate login/password(s) can be entered in sequentially into a file, and used only if the default login/password information fails. The passwords will be encrypted into this file. To use this feature, select the Edit button and then add in the logins in order from first to last. Note that having a long list of incorrect logins can potentially slow down the collection process. This file and the password order should therefore be used with care.

    Modified: 2016-11-08