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    Event Group Coloring and Annotation

    The event groups will be colored according to the maximum severity of the events in that group received since opening the Event Browser. The severity/color mappings are indicated in the legend at the top of the Event Browser and can be configured from the Event Browser options via Actions.

    To always color the groups according to the maximum severity of (uncleared) events in that group, uncheck “Reset group node severity on selection” in the Event Browser options window.

    In the Event Browser, the notation (a,b,c) may appear next to a group, as shown in the figure below, representing the incremental count of Updated Events, New Events, and Removed Events. The numbers are reset when clicking on an event group and are not incremented for the currently selected group.

    • Updated Events: Events in the group have been modified, for example, an event is acknowledged/unacknowledged, an event comment is modified, and so on. This value does NOT included the New Events count.
    • New Events: Number of new events that have been added to this group. Note that this value does not include count updates to aggregate events.
    • Removed Events: Number of events that have been cleared from this group

      Figure 1: Event Annotation

      Event Annotation

    For example, the first event in the Event Browser will update the counter for the corresponding group from (0,0,0) to (0,1,0). If that event is then acknowledged/unacknowledged from another event browser window, the event counter would be updated to (1,1,0). Furthermore, if that event is cleared from another event browser window, the event counter would be updated to (1,1,1). The reason why updates and removals must be changed from another event browser window to be registered in the annotations is because the values will always be reset to 0 for the currently selected group.

    Modified: 2016-11-08